The Lab

6. Apr 2012

Keep your textareas on a short leash

Some modern browsers (Webkit and Gecko to be exact) let users resize textareas by default. This is a great feature for writing, but can turn out to be an issue for the pixel-perfectionists of us.

28. Jan 2012

A simple CSS banner

Today I've been playing with a way to display headers as banners in a semantic way. This is what I came up with...

8. Jan 2012

CSS3 Star Rating

Here's a way to set up a star rating system using CSS3 only. This works in all modern browsers. Optimized for Webkit.

4. Jan 2012

CSS pseudo element clearfix

This clearfix stays clear of the markup. No need of adding class="clearfix" to your HTML elements. This is pure CSS.

2. Jan 2012

Vertical centering in CSS

This method centers your content vertically. It works without having to set any height to the centered elements.

1. Jan 2012

Using outlines for pixel perfection

Being a front-end professional you probably like being in control of your HTML elements (I know I do!). A little helper I tend to use is the CSS outline property.

30. Dec 2011

Welcome to The Lab!

The Lab is finally up and running. It's a mix of a journal and a test ground, and it will eventually act as a library of my front-end experiments. For those interested, here's a more technical introduction.

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